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What are we doing?

What are we all doing? Is anybody else questioning what is going on and what are we doing all day? What do you want to be doing? Are you living your best life - with your dream job, perfect little family with 2.5 children - two dogs and a cat - and the house with the white picket fence. These all used to be things that people were striving for. Reality - (for me anyway) You are up at the crack of dawn to try and get showered before the masses wake, letting the dogs out, waking up the masses (one is not a morning person and must "stretch" for ten minutes before getting up) get dressed, make sure the teens are moving and not still "stretching", dogs back inside, make my lunch, try to microwave something for breakfast for three people on the way out the door. Then the questions begin. Do you have your back pack, ID's, any signed permission slips, money for the "fundraiser" during the day that some group is selling candy bars etc, matching shoes on, clean socks and did everybody put on deodorant? I have twin teen boys and they tend to smell. With said boys purchasing deodorant in bulk is a necessity and keep some in my bag and the car just in case. Drive to school to drop off teens. My statements when they get out of the car - Have a good day! Love you! Learn Lots! Pull up the pants! Make good choices!! Go to work. Hubby does pick up. Get home, make dinner, do laundry, wash dishes, try to pick up the house. My family tends to leave a trail from where they have been, I like to call them "camps". Wrappers, socks, shoes, pens, empty drink bottles, homework and if it's cold a blankie they have drug out of their rooms. I feel like a drill sergeant getting them to pick up after themselves. My goal used to be to have that "picture perfect magazine look" for my house. Our house has the lived in look. New goal is to work on the house, do a little organizing and strive for not cringing when someone stops over and see's my dust bunnies.

So back to the beginning - what are we doing? As we go along we will be posting a few videos for some tips and tricks, home DIY's & deco projects. Love to craft! I feel like this will be a transition year for me - new things ahead. Hope you will join me for the journey. =)

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