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Payton and I made the fairy wands for the garden! Video to come.

Directions for fairy wands.

Items needed: Threaded rod, 8/32, hex nuts 8/32, drawer pulls and bracelet beads.

Bracelet beads can be either glass or acrylic. I ordered a combination of both. I like the shiny ones best. The threaded rod, hex nuts and drawer pulls I purchased at Menards, any home improvement or hardware store should have these items.

We worked backwards and put the topper on first. This way the beads can slide down and not fall off. Genius right? I really liked the crystal looking knobs best. Again - Shiny!

Then load your beads onto the threaded rod. We used about 50 to 56 beads to complete. Once you have all the beads on that you want you add the hex nut. It takes a bit to get it to the middle but this is what is going to keep your beads in place. Wa La! You are finished.

The fairy wands can go in your planters or be stuck directly in the ground. Fun project to do with the kids. Be creative!

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