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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Directions for Envelope Liners -

Items needed: Scrapbook paper, glue, pen, scissors, card stock or something to make a pattern.

First you need to make a pattern out of your card stock. It needs to fit under whatever seal is at the top and to leave a slight border on the sides. The template does not need to go all the way to the bottom of the envelope, just about half way down. Tweak the pattern to make sure it fits.

Next trace the pattern onto the back of your scrapbook paper then cut from the paper.

After cutting out the shape you are going to put a good amount of glue on the back side. I like the regular school Elmers glue stick glue. It won't leave any bumps in the envelope.

After glue is applied line up the liner in the envelope. Press down around all the edges. I like to fold the envelope over at the crease and run my fingernail along the edge to make it more prominent. Wa La! You are finished. Simple to do and adds that personal touch to any invitation or correspondence that you are sending out.

We are hosting a baby shower for our daughter in law. All sorts of projects for the event that I can't show you yet. Watch for us live on July 11th to see all the goodies.

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